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Winston W├Ąchter Fine Art, Seattle, WA / 206.652.5855 / gallery@winstonwachter.com


Jessica Cantlin is a fine art landscape photographer from Seattle, WA. Jessica's photographs capture the quiet landscape that exists where people and nature intersect with the environment. Through the lens, she photographs the tranquility of the natural world, and is often drawn to texture created by water, weather, and natural light. Jessica's work is also that of a storyteller. Every place and person that she photographs has a story. Jessica is a discrete observer or voyeur, who creates images that translate that story and transport the viewer to another place and slice of time that may never be captured in the same light again. Her work is best viewed in large-scale displays where the simplicity of a quiet landscape can achieve the drama of a grand scene. Jessica work is sold in limited editions and printed by her using archival papers and inks.

Jessica travels the world with her cameras, always seeking the opportunity to derive an impressionable image from an ordinary landscape. Just as she records her travels with imagery, she also documents them in her Travelogue, where written details of her adventures are memorialized. Jessica's travel editorials are also published by Fathom.